Client Case studies
Find the Perfect Match for Streamlining Document Management

Newton Clinic needed a more efficient solution to fix their slow, manual document management processes. Discover how InDxLogic was able to provide an automated solution to ensure that all documents are properly tagged, organized, and ready to access when they are needed.

Why manually index when you can reduce operational costs by 50%?

After three years of improved operational efficiency, South County Internal Medicine “would never go back to manually indexing.” Learn how InDxLogic helped this physician practice save 7 hrs a day managing documents and reduce operational costs by 50% through our automated, customizable solution.

Faster and More Accurate Results for Operational Efficiency
By InDxLogic

InDxLogic helped Family Practice Associates (FPA) of Lexington accurately and quickly file the fast-growing volume of patient records each day, resulting in a smooth exchange of information between patients, clinicians, and new medical facilities without having to hire additional medical record staff.

How Next Level Urgent Care Elevated Accuracy of Patient Records and Expanded Growth in New Directions
By InDxLogic

Next Level Urgent Care provides medical treatment to walk-in patients for non-life-threatening conditions throughout the Greater Houston area. When the company saw an opportunity to grow by treating Workers’ Compensation injuries, they required a more efficient and reliable way to collect and file the state-required work status reports. Next Level implemented InDxLogic automated document indexing to improve the speed and accuracy of attaching work status reports to patient charts, ultimately enabling better patient care and business expansion.

Enhance Consistency and Staff Value with Auto-Indexing
By InDxLogic

Preferred Primary Care Physicians is the largest independently owned primary care group in southwestern Pennsylvania. PPCP’s leadership was tasked with finding a way to centralize its document scanning operations while maintaining consistency throughout the organization. By embracing automated indexing, PPCP found the consistency it was looking for along with the added benefit of re-energizing and extending the careers of those employees who were nearing retirement.

High-Volume Practice Improves Efficiency and Resource Allocation Through Auto-Indexing
By InDxLogic

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico Orthopedics is a multi-disciplinary, patient-based center for the treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions.  Leadership at NMO was ready to remove the manual component from its document indexing solution when it heard about InDxLogic.  Through automation of its indexing process, NMO achieved not only improved efficiency for its high-volume practice but also the ability to re-allocate staff to more value-added activities.

Benefits of Auto-Indexing and Auto-Data Capture for Community Healthcare Funding


North Country Healthcare (NCH) has been a trusted community health resource for residents of Northern Arizona for years. In 1991 a small group of healthcare professionals established the Flagstaff Community Free Clinic.

Improve Data Collection for Quality Metrics Reporting and Enhance Patient Care Through Auto-Indexing

Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, headquartered in Littleton, New Hampshire, is a recognized Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). ACHS is dedicated to providing award-winning primary preventative healthcare to all, regardless of the patient’s social or economic status. Leadership at ACHS was looking for a way to improve the ease and efficiency of its quality metrics reporting when it learned about InDxLogic Health Information Management’s auto-indexing. By using InDxLogic to capture the data they report on, ACHS found not only the ease and efficiency it was seeking, but also reaped the greater benefit of improved patient care, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction.

An Executive Perspective on InDxLogic With Shawn Tester, CEO Northern Counties Health Care
By InDxLogic

When Shawn Tester was the Chief Operating Officer at Ammonoosuc Community Health Center in New Hampshire, he had seen the benefits of InDxLogic and its automated medical records indexing solution. He saw how it reduced errors in the indexing process. He saw how it freed up staff to focus on other important tasks. And he saw how having the right records in the right patient files improved the care that his physicians were able to provide.

Optimize Staffing Allocations with Automated Indexing
By InDxLogic

Headquartered in Oldsmar, Florida, Pediatric Health Care Alliance is a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home for children. Leadership at PHCA was searching for a way to improve efficiency and decrease the number of staff needed to handle its indexing when the leadership heard about InDxLogic Health Information Management. By automating all aspects of their indexing process with InDxLogic, PHCA achieved not only the efficiency it was looking for, but also the ability to better allocate staff resources and a standardization of its processes.