InDxLogic employees bring innovative solutions to your document indexing, data extraction and HIM tasks. And with more than 50 years of combined experience, we bring know-how when problems occur.

Since InDxLogic’s document management system is, at its heart, a technology solution, we have to be prepared to offer technical support if it’s needed, and we are.

InDxLogic uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
technology for mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity. SSL is the industry standard security protocol to encode sensitive information, like health and financial data.
Local & Remote
InDxLogic provides secure off-site data archiving for a standard of 90 days so in the unlikely event of a local server failure, the back-up documents and the most recent production data will be available.
Access & Event Monitoring
InDxLogic tools include long-term event and login logging systems, adhering to the demands of regulatory compliance requirements like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and PCI.

Our support representatives are committed to helping you to get the most out of your InDxLogic services by providing ongoing project management, implementation management and training.

But, if there is an issue after implementation, our live remote assistance is here to help. By allowing our support team to access your system remotely, we can quickly find a solution to your problem.

We also recognize that customers are looking for more than just support. They want to know how they can better use their document management systems. More often than not, the best way to get that information is by talking to other users and face-to-face interaction. The best way we’ve found to talk with other users is at one of our users’ group meetings.