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InDxLogic Wins Sales and Marketing Excellence Award at 2020 Allscripts Developer Summit

Dallas, TX August 28, 2020

InDxLogic received the Sales and Marketing Excellence award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for effectively using various marketing tools to tell a story and get messages to clients. InDxLogic, in partnership with the Allscripts Developer Program, utilizes the Allscripts Application Store, co-presented with customers as the Featured Application of the Month, and attended and sponsored onsite and online Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) events. Through these marketing tools, InDxLogic has achieved great success in customer growth and education.

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COVID-19 Support

Our customers and their ability to treat patients remain our top priority. We know the COVID-19 pandemic demands fast results to assess and treat patients. We’ve already worked with a handful of customers to quickly implement COVID-19 Observations (clinical quality data) that disperse to the EMR, using our technology to ease the administrative burden and hopefully save lives.

Facilitating the Next Step in the Health Information Revolution: Medical Record Portability


Over the last 25 years, healthcare has seen a revolution like no other. The structure of our personal health data has dramatically changed, giving providers extensive access to patient information as well as deeper insight into clinical workflows. Now, thanks to numerous changes in both access and availability, that same data can be shared by the patients themselves. Enter the world of medical record portability.


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Beyond Indexing: How A Paper-Based Practice Ignited An Idea

When I bought a paper-based medical practice in 1998, I began the challenging process of converting over to an EMR system. I soon discovered that with the hundreds, if not thousands, of transactional documents that needed to be included in the patient records, my staff members were continuously performing rote work—such as copying text and manually creating indexes—instead of spending time with patients and attending to their needs.


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How One Group Found Organization and Clarity With InDxLogic Auto-Indexed EOB Management

Combining multiple practices allows for quick growth but can also create a sense of chaos. Different office locations have different ways of doing things, resulting in a major challenge regarding records. This is especially true for EOB management, where a lack of access and standardization could impact collections — leaving staff unable to answer patient questions quickly and accurately.
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Finding the Best ROI in HIM

As value-based payment models take hold, today’s healthcare practices face an array of new challenges. Private practices, physician groups and hospitals must find ways to increase the quality of care they provide (while decreasing costs), ensure better outcomes (despite caring for more patients) and become more efficient.
To help solve these concerns, healthcare organizations should not minimize the critical importance and impact of health information management.
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Optimize Staff Allocation, Boost Efficiency and Achieve Standardization With a Single Solution

It’s no secret that healthcare reform regulations have created many challenges for medical practices and other healthcare organizations. It has increased everything from the volume of documents to the number of employees required to handle the daily workload. This has left many organizations floundering. Practices often face the burden of higher employment costs while also trying to handle workflow needs, standardize their processes and operate efficiently. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem — automated indexing.
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MACRA/MIPS and Closing the Referral Loop

Moving to the new MACRA/MIPS model has made capturing data paramount for healthcare practices. If your practice relies on manual indexing, you could get left behind. Moving to automated indexing could be the most important step you take to improve your MIPS performance.
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Automation Ahead: Moving Toward the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing some of the greatest changes we’ve ever seen, from the implementation of cloud technologies to ICD-10 and value-based care. Yet, while managing challenges like these, practices must also look to cut costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiency.
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How Automated Medical Indexing Can Help Overcome Staffing Challenges for Medical Practices

Recruiting and retaining qualified employees has become more challenging than ever for medical practices. Staff members are now required to juggle more and more tasks and employee burnout is increasing due to changing reimbursement trends and value-based care initiatives.
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