Dallas, TX August 28, 2020

InDxLogic received the Sales and Marketing Excellence award at the recent Allscripts Developer Summit for effectively using various marketing tools to tell a story and get messages to clients. InDxLogic, in partnership with the Allscripts Developer Program, utilizes the Allscripts Application Store, co-presented with customers as the Featured Application of the Month, and attended and sponsored onsite and online Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) events. Through these marketing tools, InDxLogic has achieved great success in customer growth and education.

With the integration into Allscripts Professional™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® electronic health record platforms, InDxLogic automates the indexing of patient documents into the EHR reducing reliance on medical record personnel, and ultimately cutting operational costs considerably.

“InDxLogic is very honored and appreciative to be selected by the Allscripts Developer Program team for this award. There are many worthy ADP partners, so to be chosen from such a strong group is very exciting. Allscripts offers several marketing approaches to reach its customer base that InDxLogic utilizes. The award is also a testament that our solution delivers on its promise to provide significant value to Allscripts customers through automation while reducing their overall operational costs,” said Michael Pendleton, Senior Vice President at InDxLogic.

“Allscripts is excited to partner with InDxLogic to bring additional value to our customers. InDxLogic offers an HIM automation solution utilizing OCR and machine learning that our ambulatory customers find useful and complementary,” said Tina Joros, Vice President & General Manager, Open & Allscripts Practice Financial Platform.

Allscripts is a leader in EHR interoperability and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Featuring the industry’s most innovative Healthcare IT developers, the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) reduces the time between innovation and implementation to help increase productivity, deliver higher-quality, more personalized care, seamlessly integrate devices, manage population health and much more. Allscripts clients can learn more about InDxLogic on the Allscripts Application Store.

About InDxLogic

InDxLogic is an innovative leader in health information management automation solutions for ambulatory practices and health systems. InDxLogic DM10’s ability to automatically recognize patient name, document name, date of service, associated orders, discrete data elements and route to the chart is an operational game changer in the healthcare industry.

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