We knew when creating InDxLogic’s document management services that we needed to create connections. Our services needed to be able to connect to any EMR system. Our services needed to be able to connect to and capture data from a variety of points throughout the practice. And, most importantly, it needed to be able to help doctors connect with patients by giving them the information they needed to drive better patient outcomes.

InDxLogic is the leading automated health information management platform using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Content Management System. These integrated technologies allow for extremely fast turnaround, consistent and standardized document naming conventions, patient health record identification, discrete clinical data capture, and order management. Automated indexing is performed with Day ForwardTM technology. Our EMR-agnostic system reduces overall document indexing costs by 60-80% with documents available for access in the chart within minutes instead of hours.

By working seamlessly with a variety of EMR platforms, InDxLogic is able to enhance workflow for medical practices of all kinds. Click any of the EMR logos below to see how we integrate and assist in their health information system.

Don’t see your EMR?

InDxLogic’s document importing and filing software can be incorporated into any EMR medical platform, no matter which one you’ve chosen. Additionally, we offer features for specific EMRs to supplement our file manager software.

Release of Information/
Medical Record (Batch Printer)

The Batch Printer reduces the time it takes to release a medical record to a patient, auditor, legal request, etc. and offers tremendous flexibility for how the document is delivered – print, fax, eFax, or our state-of-the-art Secure Bookmarked PDF. In native EMRs, this process can take up to 45 minutes for a lengthy medical record. With Batch Exporter, it’s considerably quicker.


Available: athenaFlow, athenaPractice

(Explanation of Benefits)

The EOB indexer rapidly manages EOB reconciliation securely. The EOB is accessible to anyone and everyone at the same time. EOBs are saved as searchable PDFs that are easy to locate and find the exact claim you are looking for. Process for indexing is considerably quicker than scanning each EOB.


Available: athenaPractice

Automating your document management and indexing relieves the growing burden of having to manually file an ever–growing number of clinical and financial documents into your EMR. This allows teams across your entire network to easily work together in an efficient and unified manner.
Ready to Automate Your Process?
InDxLogic’s advanced automated indexing system captures a variety of data types from an unlimited array of document types, ensuring the right patient documents get to the right patient files. When that happens, clinicians can optimize patient outcomes and provide better care.
“Once documents are scanned in — which takes less than a minute — no one has to touch them. They go where they’re supposed to go and do what they’re supposed to do. They’re in the patient's chart the way they’re supposed to be.”
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